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Publié : 04 févr. 2006, 21:36
par sober
I would like to enter the competition but have a few doubts.

1) the map goes into gamedata/tracks/ and we can only play it in "HOT SEAT" mode right ?

2) how to view other peoples replays that are posted in this site? I cant find any option in the game..

Thanks in advance for the help

Publié : 04 févr. 2006, 21:52
par -Lr-Nighty
1) gamedata/tracks => to play solo/browsetrack

2) you can download only the best player replay. on the first ligne it says DOWNLOAD.

3) enjoy :)

Publié : 04 févr. 2006, 22:03
par sober
thanks nighty but where do I go in the game to watch the replay? I've downloaded it to "Tracks\Replays\My Replays" but where do I go to see it ?

Publié : 04 févr. 2006, 22:21
par -Lr-SpeedraceR
In Editor > Replay > Watch (something like that) ;)

Publié : 04 févr. 2006, 23:23
par sober
omfg! That's some great driving :stp:

Congratz to whoever made the map tbh, it rocks :D