Coppers won?

Ici on parle de l'Overdose Cup..

Messagepar Marci » 30 janv. 2007, 23:07

Hey all!
I'll wirte in English because my French is very bad.

I've following question:
How you'll get coppers when you'll reach one of the best 15th or 20th place?
Because normally nobody here know your TMU Login to send them...

So I'm a little bit confused.
Plz answerd in english! ;)

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Messagepar -Lr-Droidenlmur » 30 janv. 2007, 23:13

Personnally i don't know how this works, but at least if you give here your TMU login, one of the admins of the OCU could donate you coppers with it...

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Messagepar -Lr-SadHik » 30 janv. 2007, 23:53

exctly, we haven't done the distribution of who receive what, but you can already give us your login, in PM if you want.

We'll make the donations soon in the week ;)


Messagepar Marci » 01 févr. 2007, 18:14

But where can you tell your logins then?
Here in the forum or via pm?

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Messagepar -Lr-SpeedraceR » 01 févr. 2007, 20:16

I think you can PM Sadhik on this forum ;)

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